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Taste of Doral

What is the Taste of Doral™?

Taste of Doral is a program created by the Doral Chamber of Commerce aimed at promoting accessibility to Doral’s magnificent and untapped food scene. Taste of Doral™ is a fine dining program that includes specially priced lunches and dinners at Doral’s finest restaurants.

The 6th Annual Taste of Doral™ places Doral’s vast gastronomical landscape on South Florida’s culinary map, and runs July 1st through July 31st

General Information

In a city that is bursting at the seams with more than 200 restaurants, Taste of Doral™ features special prix fixe lunch and dinner options at Doral’s finest restaurants.

Not only does Taste of Doral™ boost business for area restaurants during the usually slow summer month of July, but it also encourages consumers to explore restaurants that they have yet to discover.

What is Doral Restaurant Week™?

Doral Restaurant Week™ is the month-long set of culinary features presented by the Taste of Doral program, offering the finest tastes from local area restaurants. It forms the core of the Taste of Doral™ experience. Most restaurants will offer a three course meal at selected prices for lunch or dinner, or other excellent meal discounts.


Why does Doral Restaurant Week™ last a month instead of a week?

Truth is, we’re not quite sure ourselves! Most “Taste of” campaigns offer either a week of specials, or a month of special meal offers. We decided to hold the Doral Restaurant Week™ for the entire month of July – because there’s simply too much to enjoy in just one week!

How can I take advantage of these restaurant specials?

Check the list of Participating Doral Restaurant Week™ Restaurants to browse this year’s participants. Simple arrive at the restaurant and tell the waiter or host that you are there for Doral Restaurant Week™, and they’ll give you the corresponding options!

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