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Want to know more about the Doral Chamber of Commerce? Contact us today and become a member to receive Taste of Doral Newsletters, upcoming Doral Chamber Events, and other great benefits. Grow your company and market it today!

Interested in our events? Give us a call and ask how you can register for our upcoming Doral Chamber of Commerce events. If you are interested in becoming a Doral Chamber of Commerce member, feel free to contact us below or call us at (305) 477-7600.

Interested in the Doral Chamber of Commerce emails? Give us a call and we can tell you how you can have your very own email sent out to all of our contacts. Have your workshops, upcoming events, luncheons, and grand openings sent out to everyone!

Ask how you can become a part of Best of Doral™. A newly introduced way to show that you are the “BEST” in all of Doral. Be the best restaurant, Realtor, Attorney, and more. Also, check out our website www.bestofdoral.com to see all the members!

Find out how to be a part of Taste of Doral™ Week, the greatest week for all restaurants to show off their greatest dishes to all of our members. Let our members know that you have the most mouthwatering dish among all. Here’s a great tip: The best way to grab someones attention is to give them a dish served hot!

Contact us, Doral Chamber of Commerce

Contact us today! View our past events here, if you are interested in viewing a future event click the facebook link: